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森林資源及利用現況 (蘇裕昌/王振熙)


This article reviewed emission of one of the green-house gas, carbon dioxide, worldwide. The role of and forests on reducting thios gas. Status of forest resource utilization for wood is discussed. Fiber sources and consumption of Taiwan and pulp paper industry are also mentioned.

二氧化碳的排放 (蘇裕昌/王振熙)

This article reviewed the statns of carbon dioxide of taiwanj pulp and paper Industry. Some reduction stradegies of this industy air also propsed.


This paper shows that in addition to making recycled papers, wastepapers could be put to use making pulp moulds, hot-pressed moulding materials, cellulosic insulating materials, and fuels etc. the article presents with graphs and tables showing manufacturing methods and product properties of the various new applications. Special attention has been given to the uses in hot-pressed moulding and heat-insulating materials.