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台灣紙業界之現況及未來的展望 (蘇裕昌)

The author reviews the statistics of Taiwan’s paper industry, pointing out although pulp production is minute, and the paper and board industry ranked 16th in production and 13th in consumption in the world. The industry is predominantly packaging grades oriented. Over the years, the industry has aggregated in scales and reduced the number of mills. The industry is facing the problems of limited market, exodus of producers and oversupply, coupled with high environmental protection costs, high land and labor costs and insufficient water supply. Various strategies to enhance competitiveness of the industry and to cope with WTO entry has been offered by the author, which include vertical and horizontal integration of mills, strategic alliance with foreign producers, e-business, mill certifications and accreditations, and active anti-dumping actions etc. The author also provides SWOT analysis of the industry that provide guidance to the future directions of the paper industry.